AKASAKA PARKS(赤坂パークス)港区赤坂・青山地区公園情報AKASAKA PARKS(赤坂パークス)港区赤坂・青山地区公園情報

青葉公園 Aoba Park



This park is adjacent to the Tokyo Metropolitan Aoyama Park (northern area) and has a variety of playground equipment. In addition to the standard swings, slide, and sandbox, it also has a jungle gym and monkey bars that are popular with children. Four large zelkova trees provide pleasant shade in summer. The north side features a kobushi magnolia tree donated by the city of Gujo, Gifu Prefecture, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of ward administration.

イベント情報Event Information

  • 郡上市から寄贈されたタムシバ(コブシ)の記念樹。みんなで見守ってあげてください。

    郡上市から寄贈されたタムシバ(コブシ)の記念樹。みんなで見守ってあげてください。 The kobushi magnolia was donated by the city of Gujo. Please help watch over it.




・Jungle gym
・Monkey bars
・Drinking fountain
・Emergency well



1-4-4, Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku

公園情報Park information

お問合せ 高橋是清翁記念公園管理事務所
住所   港区赤坂七丁目3番39号
電話   03-6384-5113
FAX    03-6384-5116

Contact Takahashi Korekiyo-o Memorial Park Office
Address 7-3-39, Akasaka, Minato-ku
Phone  03-6384-5113
Fax   03-6384-5116